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Contact Details

Ph: 1300 30 33 92
Fax: (03) 9482 4599
Email: icb@icb.com.au
Office: 476 High Street
Northcote VIC 3070
Hrs: 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday
Map: View location map
ABN: 21 114 151 076

ICB Telco

Our Services: What You Need To Know

Contact Us

ICB Telco Customer Service                      ICB Telco Technical Support 

Ph: 1300 857 935                                          Ph: 1300 857 942              

Monday-Friday: 8am - 7pm                          Monday-Friday: 7am -10pm

Saturday: 9am - 5pm                                    Saturday: 9am – 5pm

Sunday: CLOSED                                          Sunday: 9am -5pm

Calling the above numbers will incur the cost of a 13/1300 number .  Alternatively you can contact us at customerservice@icb.com.au


1. Authorised Representatives and Advocates

If you wish, you can appoint a person to interact with us on your behalf. An advocate is someone who you appoint to interact with us, but who does not have authority to change your account settings or details. An authorised representative is a person who you authorise to operate your account and make changes as if they were you.

To appoint either an advocate or an authorised representative, please complete and send to us our appointment form, which you can obtain from the link below:


2. Mobile Data – How much will you use?

To help you estimate the usage you will need in a phone or data plan, here is a guide to the amount of data that common tasks may incur.

In the example below, if you send/receive about 15 emails, visit 33 web pages, upload 3 posts (with photo) in Facebook, watch 1 hour of standard streaming video and download 3 songs every day, you would use approximately 5GB of data per month.

Table 2_001.png

Table 05_001.png

Note : Data usage varies by device.  The above examples are based on averages and are estimates only.  The actual amount of data used for the described activity can vary.

3. Coverage Maps

Our services may use the networks of either Optus or Telstra, together with our own networks. Where a product is resold from a particular Carrier, we disclose this to you in our product specifications and in the Critical Information Summaries for that product. When you contract with us for a product, you will not be contracting with the original carrier (such as Optus or Telstra).

If you have any questions about the networks we use, please contact us on 1300 857 935.

Where you obtain a mobile service from us that uses the Optus network or is a 3G service using parts of Telstra’s 3G network and capabilities, the coverage for that service is as set out at the links below. Please note that coverage depends on a large number of factors, these maps are not a guarantee of coverage, and coverage areas for mobile networks can change.



4. Billing

We bill monthly, and always provide the option to pay us by direct debit without an additional payment fee.
Our bills have a standard format. An example of one of our bills is at http://www.icb.com.au/telco/forms/
If you have any questions about billing, please contact us.

5. International Roaming

International roaming on mobile phones is disabled by default on our services. You can enable international roaming by contacting us, but we strongly recommend that you do not enable international roaming.

ACMA International Mobile Roaming Factsheet

International call and data rates are generally far higher than the rates in Australia, and are generally not included in your mobile phone plan or bundle. Even short periods of international roaming can result in large phone bills, which you will be liable to pay.

We recommend that, if you wish to make mobile calls when roaming, you purchase a temporary sim card in the country of your destination and use it in place of the sim card issued by us.

If you require information about charges for specific countries, please contact us.

6. Information about your current spending and previous bills

If you want to obtain records of your previous bills from us, or view your current spend to verify that charges to be billed to you are correct, you can access our customer portal at:


If you want to access bills which are more than 24 months old, there may be an additional charge.

7. Direct Debit

If you have set up a direct debit with us, you can check and update your direct debit details via our customer portal at:


8. Financial Hardship and Debt Counselling

Our financial hardship policy is available at:


If you are experiencing genuine financial hardship and think you may be covered by our policy, please contact us to provide evidence of the financial hardship for us to consider.

If you are experiencing financial hardship, there are a number of organisations which provide free counselling and assistance. To find a financial counsellor in your area visit www.fcan.com.au.

A report from a financial counsellor can help show what you can afford to pay towards your telecommunications services and may be required under our financial hardship policy.

9. Summary of the Complaint Handling Policy

Our summary of the complaint handling policy can be downloadedat http://www.icb.com.au/telco/forms/


10. Spend Management Tools

We provide a number of spend management tools to help you manage your services with us.
You can check your spending via our customer portal, at:
You can contact us to request that certain features of your service, such as international use or premium numbers, are limited if they are enabled.

11. Standard Form of Agreement

You can download a copy of our Standard Form of Agreement, which forms part of our contract with our customers, at:


12. Hardware & Warranties

We may supply a range of hardware including the following Netcomm products for DSL services; NB6, NB6W, NB6Plus4, NB6Plus4W and NB9, NB9W. If you have any questions about hardware which we supply please contact us or access the information pages for hardware at: http://www.netcommwireless.com/product/adsl/

We offer a limited warranty on some kinds of hardware that you purchase from us.

To claim the warranty you should contact us on 1300 857 935 and answer any questions we have.  we will assess whether you are eligible to claim under the warranty and whether to repair your equipment, or provide a credit.

If we determine that your equipment needs to be returned, you will need to send the faulty equipment to us.

The warranty does not apply to faults caused by any of the following:

(a) any equipment not supplied by us

(b) any interference with or modification to the equipment or a failure to use it in accordance with instructions;or

(c) damage caused by you or someone eho has used the equipment (for example misuse or exposure to liquid or excessive heat); or

(d) an external event (for example a fire or flood)

Our hardware comes with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law.


Click here for MSD affecting ICB Telco Clients